About me

Leslie is a business attorney with hometown general practice experience. She is not interested in big firm red tape and superfluous billing. Her goal is to remain focused on your goal, because you’re a client not a case.

My Philosophy

My goal is to truly understand the client’s issues, concerns, priorities and goals. By listening to clients and understanding their issues, I am able to explore and facilitate strategies to best accomplish each client’s goals. My goal is to create interactions that feel more like a relationship than a stale business transaction. If this is of interest to you, please contact me.



Serving clients in Cartersville and throughout Bartow County, as well as in Rome and Calhoun.

Remember when a person had the comfort of a family lawyer, a trusted advisor to guide them through the events of life: buying a house, selling a house, starting a business, adopting a child, surviving a divorce, writing a Will and probating the estate of a loved one? Lifelong resident of Bartow County, Leslie Vaughan Simmons is that trusted advisor who knows you, knows your family, knows your background and understands your values. And if she does not have a long history with you, she makes it her business to find out what is most important to you.

Leslie understands that every legal procedure, however simple or complex, requires the use of legal terms that most people simply do not use every day. Legal processes can be confusing or seem overwhelming to someone not in the legal field. Leslie and her staff take the time to listen and to explain each term and each step in the process so that each and every client understands the steps involved in his or her legal event and has confidence that Leslie and her staff will do everything possible to represent that client’s best interests.

Please feel free to review the links to Leslie’s practice areas for more detailed information or call our office to reserve a time to discuss your life event with Leslie.