1. A trust is only for the wealthy
    1. Many people believe that a trust is only for someone with millions of dollars in assets, but it can be a great tool for families across all income levels. Trusts are beneficial for families with minor children, families with beneficiaries who are financially irresponsible, blended families, families with multiple properties, and many other common situations.
  2. A trust is too complicated for my situation
    1. A trust does not have to be complicated, and they usually are not. Having an experienced attorney walk you through the process and explain your trust in great detail makes a trust simple. One way to look at a trust, is to compare it to a business and you are the manager. You operate no differently than you do now, but your assets are titled differently. There are huge advantages to having your assets in a trust, such as avoiding probate.
  3. My will is enough for me
    1. A will is a great estate planning tool, but it may not cover all your bases. If you have multiple properties, a blended family, minor children, or other seemingly simple situations, a trust can be a great tool for you! If you want to learn how it is a great tool, you can call our office to make an appointment to learn more.