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Mobile Homes

Mobile home sales have become a real beast in the last few years.  The Georgia legislature has decided that “a manufactured home or mobile home shall constitute personal property and shall be subject to the “Motor Vehicle Certification of Title Act,’ . . . until such time as the home is converted to real property . . .”  If this just applied to a new home being placed on real property it would be a simple process.  However this conversion process must be completed for every mobile home. 

Obtaining Title

If you have the original certificate of title titling the home in your name, then you are in great shape.  You need to complete a Form T-234 form using the information found on your certificate of title to the mobile home and your Warranty Deed to the real property.  This form will be filed in the Deed records of the county where the property is located.  Then the recorded form and the title are taken to the county tag agent and surrendered to the state.

If you have the original certificate of title but it is not in your name.  You must track down the person whose name is on the title to sign the title as seller to you.  Then you complete a Form MV-1 and apply for a new title in your name.  After you receive the title in your name, proceed with the Form T-234.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

If you do not have the certificate of title but you do know the VIN, take the VIN to the county tag agent to see if the state has ever issued a title to a mobile home with that VIN.  If a title was issued, the current title holder can apply for a replacement title.  If there are any liens showing on the title, the liens will have to be released before the state will send the replacement title to the title holder.  When the replacement title is received, proceed as stated above.  If you are not able to locate the current title holder, you may need a title bond.  (More about that later.)

If the tag agent does not have the VIN in the system, you will have to purchase a title bond and apply for a new title.

If you cannot locate the VIN, you have a few options:  Pleasantly beg the local tax commissioner’s clerk to check the Homestead applications for that house.  Sometimes, when the mobile home was located on the real property the owner noted the make, model and VIN on their Homestead application. 

Sometimes a lender has included the make, model and VIN on a Security Deed as collateral in the real property records.  Hire a mobile home guru to assist you in locating the VIN plate on the home.  The insurance company insuring the home may have the VIN noted on the home owner’s policy.  If you cannot find the VIN, complete a Form 22-B (link).  This form requires a law enforcement officer to certify there is not a VIN on the mobile home.

Title Bond

What is a title bond?  The title bond is issued by an insurance company guaranteeing your title.  In order to apply, you will need proof of ownership of the mobile home and the Form 22-B.  Apply with Phil Bridges at Bridges Agency in Cartersville on the square a couple of doors down from Ross Dinner.  The cost for the bond is based on the value of the mobile home.

This briefly describes most of the steps to obtain the certificate of title and surrender the title to the state.  A very separate issue is the HUD certification numbers.  These numbers are issued by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development via the Federal National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974.  The HUD certification is a national regulation that allows manufactures to distribute homes nationwide while remaining immune to the jurisdiction of local building authorities.  HUD began issuing numbers in 1976.  If the HUD stickers in the home are missing, it is possible to request a Verification for Manufactured Home Certification Labels.  Lenders will require the HUD number before lending money on a mobile home.

The information I have provided here is to inform you of the steps you can take to obtain your own title.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact me.  I will try to work with you through this process to ensure the titles are obtained as quickly and economically as possible.

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