Real Property Sales

Buying a home is the largest purchase that most people make and buying the right home at the right price can also be one of the most stressful decisions of a lifetime.  However, most people do not buy or sell a home often enough to become expert in each step of the process.

As many as twenty people may be involved in some part of the purchase/sale transaction and it is the responsibility of the closing attorney to co-ordinate all of those efforts and attend to all the details. Leslie handles the closings on hundreds of homes each year and will take care of the legal details so you can concentrate on other matters.

Leslie enjoys an excellent reputation among real estate agents, title companies and mortgage brokers and is known for her ability to recognize the potential for problems and ensure that they are immediately resolved.

When it comes to title searches, there is no substitute for experience. Thorough searches can unearth a host of problems that could jeopardize title to a property, including defective property descriptions, liens, unpaid municipal charges and even forgery.

Leslie’s philosophy is simple: Take care of every detail so the client can relax. Once your closing is complete, you can leave Leslie’s office confident that all the details have been taken care of and your next big decision may be how to get the crabgrass out of your new lawn.

If you would like more detailed information about the home buying process, please call the office.  Leslie and her staff are able to walk you through the process from drafting the contract through the closing.