• Legal Advice

Online legal platforms have disclaimers that they do not offer legal advice and are not a law firm.

Our firm has knowledgeable attorneys that can offer you legal advice and guidance. For estate planning, our firm offers free consultations. At your consultation, you speak to one of our attorneys. We will answer your questions, guide you through the process, and discuss options that best fit your family

  • Attorney-Client Relationship

Online legal platforms have disclaimers that state that you do not have an attorney-client relationship by buying their services.

Attorney-client relationships are important. This type of relationship offers you privacy protection and confidentiality.

  • A Customized Plan

Online legal platforms offer boilerplate documents, that are one size fits all. However, no two families are the same, therefore, they should not have the same documents.

Our knowledgeable attorneys draft your documents customized to you.

  • Answers to Your Questions

Most online legal platforms do not have an attorney available to answer your questions. The platforms that do offer this service, usually charge extra for it each time you need to call.

Our firm is available to answer your questions, and we do not charge for each phone call. We offer flat rate fees for our estate planning clients.

  • Validity and up-to-date documents

Online legal platforms do not guarantee the validity of your documents or guarantee that the documents are current with state law.

Our firm gives you valid documents that are current with state law.

  • Explanation of Your Estate Planning Documents

Online legal platforms usually, but not always, give a basic overview of each document. They do not go into an in-depth explanation of each document or its provisions.

At our firm, we go through your documents with you. We go through the different provisions within the document and answer any of your questions. Estate planning documents are legal documents and have complex provisions. We want to make sure our clients fully understand their documents and have all their questions answered.

Our firm prides itself on offering comprehensive estate plans that fit your particular needs. We enjoy guiding our clients through the estate planning process and are available to answer their questions. If you would like to schedule a consultation, give us a call!