DIY Wills

The value in an estate planning attorney can be a priceless asset with regards to drafting your final wishes in a will. Many people believe that wills are simple and you can create one yourself, or pay for one online for a cheap fee. Although those options may seem economical now, they can have great costs in the future. For instance, the will you created yourself may not be legally valid, or the will you purchased online may not distribute your property as you wish and can result in your family litigating in court to determine your wishes. Online wills are basic documents that don’t work for most situations. If you think you have a simple estate, you probably don’t. Speaking with an experienced attorney can help explain how your simple situation can turn complicated. An attorney with experience in creating wills can guide you through tough decisions, explain the pros and cons of your decisions, and assure your will is valid.

Having a valid will and a will that distributes your assets according to your wishes can save your family money and give them peace of mind as they are grieving your loss. The probate process can be costly and time consuming if a will is not clear on its face and is not validly executed. If a will is not validly executed, then the probate court will not accept it and the laws of intestacy will apply. Therefore, all your hard work will have been for nothing and the probate court will carry out the state’s plan for you. If you are taking the time to put your final wishes into a will, it is best to hire a lawyer to make sure it is valid.

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