What is a Quiet Title action

A quiet title action is appropriate to determine the owner of a piece of property.


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It also determines if any liens are valid against the property. Quiet title actions typically occur after a tax sale. There are many legal requirements to complete a successful quiet title action.

An experienced attorney makes the process easier. Our firm has legal experience in quiet title actions. We have successfully completed quiet title actions in several Georgia counties. We strive to provide our clients the most efficient way to gain legal and clear title to their property.

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With our firm’s vast knowledge in real estate, we are able to offer our clients representation in less common and more complex real estate issues, such as tax sales and foreclosing a right to redeem.

Tax sales are a way to purchase property at a lower rate than fair market value, but there are many steps that need to be taken to obtain legal title to the property. This is why we offer guidance to Foreclose a Right to Redeem.